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We not only work together,  we play together.

Pal'n around after the show

Jazy gets pointers from Gymnast, 

Enkhee Tumendelger

Autograph signing session

Craig Heath and other cast members relax in a local hot springs

Alexei Urmanov and local skater smile for the camera

 Caryn Kadavy and Erin Reed backstage after "Cool Summer Nights"

JoJo Starbuck and Akop Manoukian give each other a hug backstage after the show

Brian Boitano and Radka Kovarikova and Rene Novotny sign autographs after "Dreams on Ice"

Cast members enjoy BBQ's and the mountain air of Jackson Hole, WY

Liz Manley gets a kiss from a fan

Alexei Urmanov and Micheal Smerkin perform behind a boat on their day off

Showing support for the Skaters Fund

Brian Boitano poses with Akop and Andria Manoukian and their baby girl, Jazmien

Cast members gather together at a cocktail party put on by Absolut, a sponsor of Jackson on Ice

Liz Manley and fellow cast members get a close look at the local wild life


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