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Chicago Special Events:  Working with Akop and 3rd Floor Productions is a joy. Akop's accessibility to great talent, professional manner, humor and humility make him the kind of individual we  really want to work with. The skater's have a great respect and fondness for Akop so you know they are very focused on putting on the best show they can. It is rare to find a single event where everyone wants to succeed for all the right reasons. This is one of them

.Fred Brennan

Chicago Special Events

Contact: Fred@chicagoevents.com


On several occasions the Jackson Hole Figure Skating Club has had the opportunity to work with 3rd Floor Productions, Inc. Their personnel are always a pleasure to work with and are reliable in all their commitments.  They have consistently produced top quality performances with efficiency and with demonstrated care in even the smallest details. The clinics and camps they have conducted show attention to the needs of the groups they are working with and are always done with a satisfying personal touch.  Specifically, Akop Manoukian is an honest, dependable, hardworking individual who always gives more than anyone expects. Please consider this testimonial as the highest accolade that I can give. I look forward to working with 3RD Floor Productions, Inc. again in the future.

    Jerry B. Fussell
Former President of Jackson Hole Figure Skating Club, 
Contact: JBFussell@aol.com


Valley Ice Garden Management was very pleased with the Third Floor Production of "Cool Summer Nights" in August of 2001. The show was outstanding and was enthusiastically received by the people in Bozeman. They were complete professionals, and followed through on everything they promised.  We would not hesitate to work with Third Floor Productions again.

Jason Martel
General Manager Valley Ice Garden Bozeman Montana
Contact: jmartel@valleyicegarden.com

Silver Blades FSC
I've worked with Akop and 3rd Floor Productions, Inc. for sometime now and based on my experience, I unqualifiedly give my recommendation to any figure skating club or other group wanting to use their services. Not only are they capable of producing the best skaters in the world, Akop and 3rd Floor Productions, Inc. work diligently to help assure an ice skating show experience which is rewarding to both the Club's members and its audiences.

Greg Meyers
Former President and Show Chair,
Silver Blades figure SkatingClub, Findlay, Ohio

Contact: GEMeyers@coopertire.com

Sweetwater FSC We were very pleased with our experience with 3rd Floor Productions. Akop was very professional in his arrangements in providing talent for our recent "As Seen On TV" ice show, which enabled the committee to focus on other areas that needed our attention. His expertise and contacts made our job much easier! Plus members of the community were still talking about Akop and Armen's performances on the ice weeks after the show. What great family entertainment!!

Ice Show Committee
Sweetwater Figure Skating Club Rocksprings WY
Contact: Laura Hamm E-mail: lhamm@wyoming.com

The George S. Eccles Ice Center celebrated its grand opening January 12, 2002 with a first-class ice show called "Fresh Ice" produced by 3rd Floor Productions. The 1,000 spectators in attendance gave the production an enthusiastic "thumbs-up" for the high quality of skating and professionalism. Working with Akop Manoukian is something the Eccles Ice Center staff looks forward to as our new facility develops skating programs, coaching clinics and summer workshops.  Without question, 3rd Floor Productions is a company with the highest standards and ethics; this region is lucky to have such a valuable resource available.

Janet Borg
Community Relations Director, Eccles Ice Center
Contact:  bcia@xmission.com

Sequels normally aren’t as good as the originals, but the rule of thumb doesn’t apply to the return of Jackson on Ice. This year’s performance is every bit as thrilling as the premiere and that makes for a fun family evening.”

”Jackson on Ice showcases 13 professional skaters along with members of the Jackson Hole Figure Skating Club. From classical, acrobatic and comedic style, there is something for everyone”

”Debbie Park dazzled the audience with her gravity defying gymnastic stunts in air tissue ribbon like strips of fabric dramatically lit with colored lights. The slow and relaxing music added to the ethereal effect of her act”.

”The show mirrors the international flavor of figure skating, with a cast hailing from the United States, Russia, Canada, France, Armenia, and Israel”.

 Jackson Hole News
August 29,2001

“The one thing you can expect to see is the unexpected.  There is one skater that juggles, and others do gymnastic stunts, so you’ll see back flips and things that you couldn’t see in an international skating competition”

Arts and Stage
August 18, 2002

“Watching former Olympic Gold Medallists and World Champions perform heart-stopping back flips, aerials, and jumps live will make your jaw drop.  The kids loved it too- they crowded down along the ice’s edge, excitedly commenting on each skater and each death-defying trick.”

Jackson Hole Guide
August 28, 2002

“Attendees get more than just talented figure skating routines at ‘The Westerner.’ Several unique circus-style aerial and acrobatic performances featured in the show are sure to enthrall family members who may not be skating fans.”  

      Jackson Hole News
August 28, 2002


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